Automobile fascination paired with spectacular race car design, this is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. The racing version of the SLS AMG has been conceived as a customer sport vehicle for participation in race series based on FIA GT3 regulations. Meticulous lightweight construction and optimized chassis, brakes and aerodynamics deliver uncompromising dynamics. The SLS AMG GT3 made its race track debut in 2011.

The clean design and breath-taking form of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG have been effectively accentuated by targeted modifications to the body shell. The new components, made largely from lightweight carbon fibre offer a clear indication of extraordinary race track performance and extensive aerodynamic development work.

From the front, the SLS AMG GT3 boasts a new front skirt with enlarged air intakes. The wide opening beneath the characteristic radiator grille bearing the large Mercedes star and the wing-shaped horizontal fins supplies air to the engine oil cooler and brake discs. The same function is served by the two intakes below the vertical bi-xenon headlamps. Down force on the front axle is provided courtesy of four externally mounted side fins, as well as a carbon front splitter; it runs directly into the smooth under body panel, which connects to the rear diffuser.

The hood features a central opening for the extraction of heat from the engine, while side openings in the front fenders facilitate air flow through the wheel arches. Weight optimization measures include the application of extremely lightweight polycarbonate for the side and rear windows and, if desired, for the front windshield as well.

The fenders have been widened front and rear to accommodate the large racing tires. With a breadth of 78.3 inches, the SLS AMG GT3 body shell is a good 2 inches wider than the series production Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The new sills feature openings for cooling the rear brakes, with the smooth under body visible along the underside of the sills. The B-pillar houses the standardized fuel tank adapter for the rapid refuelling system. The 31.7 gallon fuel tank is located centrally behind the driver.


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