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After the completion of the 20 original road going CLK GTRs, AMG's specialist group H.W.A., who had assisted in the construction of the CLK GTRs, began construction of a roadster version. Built either by modifying an existing CLK GTR or by building a new car from spare chassis and parts, these cars were differentiated from the hard top version by  its removable roof and the reconstruction of the engine cover. Also the rearwing was replaced by a separate black wing, Giving it a similar look to the one on the race CLK-GTR.

Further the Roadster can be recognized by its different grille, which has a large Mercedes-Benz logo in the center instead of a small version above it.

Two roll bars integrating the cockpit headrests were used not only for structural integrity, but also rollover protection. A total of five CLK GTR Roadsters were built by the company.


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