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As early as 1984, the Maranello factory had begun development of an evolution model of the 288 GTO intended to compete against the Porsche 959 in FIA Group B. However, when the FIA brought an end to the Group B category for the 1986 season, Enzo was left with five 288 GTO Evoluzione development cars, and no series in which to campaign them.

Enzo Ferrari's desire to leave a legacy in his final supercar, so in turn allowed the Evoluzione program to be further developed into a car for road use. Enzo had just turned 90 years old, and was aware that time was not on his side. He wanted his new supercar to serve as his final statement maker, a vehicle encompassing the best in track developed technology and capable of being a showcase for what the Ferrari engineers were capable of creating.

The vehicle was Enzo's major statement he was looking for. Over a period of several years prior to the F40's conception, the company's dominance in racing had waned significantly thin, and even in Formula One, an arena they had once dominated victories had become sparse. As it was the company's upcoming 40th anniversary of Ferrari, the F40 provided the spark to this moments occasion.


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